Wendy Strgar

Making Love Sustainable is a project of Wendy Strgar, author of the books Love that Works and Sex that Works (forthcoming), a popular guest blogger on the topics of love, sexual health, and positivity, and an award-winning social entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Good Clean Love, a national brand of organic personal lubricants and aphrodisiac products that are sold and endorsed by physicians nationwide for their safety. At Making Love Sustainable, we believe that relationships work when you focus on the love and positivity in your life. Need a reminder? Enter your email to get Wendy’s insights on intimacy delivered every week.

You are a wonderful mentor! Thank you!

Megan - 40 year-old mother of two, Hawaii

Thank you for your always thoughtful and well written articles.


Thanks for your insight, mission, and vulnerability. I enjoy your weekly reminders to lean towards love.


I love your writing . . . Thank you for all your good work.


You always provide so much insight and intelligence to your website, I think of you often dear lady, Mother that you are. You are awesome! Keep telling the world what’s up!


YES YES YES to what you call forth from of all of us. May we deeply cultivate the soil of love in our souls and see what grows out in the world.


I am relieved that someone has reinforced this central concept in relationship development — so much Internet relationship blather fails to shine the light on the central relationship skill which enables everything — our capacity for intimacy with our Self.


Thank you for your writing . . . I am single currently and this just reminds me this is a time to work on my own relationship with myself.


What a beautiful, raw, honest account of love.


Thank you for your soulful and insightful sentiments, they help so many!


I so appreciate your sharing your vulnerability.


I found your blog by accident today. I am grateful. I have been reading up on your stuff. Excellent writer you are!


I think it’s your honesty, relevance, and vulnerability that keeps me reading. Thanks for helping us work on becoming more sexually competent in our relationships and for ourselves.


I’m reading, absorbing, processing, learning, and often, applying your every word. Your words benefit my family and friends, whether they are privy to the origins of my sometimes new behaviors, or not. You have shined your light into my life. Thank you for that. You have touched my heart, deeply.


Safe Words and The Freedom To Speak

Posted By Wendy Strgar / 0 Comments

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” MLK, Jr. All of the things in life that we have no language for recede from view. And yet our inability to express the feelings and experiences that happen to us don’t make those feeling …

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What does it mean to learn to feel?

Posted By Making Love Sustainable Staff / 0 Comments

For me, learning to feel means learning to relax.Sometimes when I feel rushed or busy, I try to pull myself away from the edges of my body, of my life, into a narrow zone where nothing, especially emails, can reach me. I'm protected there, but I'm also contracted an …

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Loving the Difficult (Mother)

Posted By Making Love Sustainable Staff / 1 Comment

A few weeks ago I started to feel a heaviness in my lungs that I was sure was pneumonia. I felt run down and my throat got irritated. I will be so sick in a few days, I thought, but then I wasn’t. I felt fine again. My mom called to tell me she had pneumonia.I do …

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How we all perpetuate Rape Culture & what we can do to stop

Posted By anastasia / 0 Comments

In true late adopter fashion, I’ve finally jumped into watching "Game of Thrones" after, well, years of seeing headline after headline about the epic novel-turned-TV series. I got completely sucked in from the first episode. However, a curious thing happened while I w …

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“Let Happiness Search for You”

Posted By Evelyn Hampton / 0 Comments

The title of this post is from an essay by Sparrow, a poet. I love this essay because I think it captures so well how important small, private moments of joy are to our ability to be human. In my experience, searching for big happiness brings more disappointment than pl …

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Anal Sex, Oral Sex, and Long-Term Relationships

Posted By Making Love Sustainable Staff / 1 Comment

I visited a friend for a night recently, and as usual we talked about sex. She told me that she and her boyfriend, with whom she has been with monogamously for about a year, started having anal sex after she brought up trying it -- she had accidentally seen a butt plu …

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